China's "3D Bus"

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I saw this article while surfing the web the other day. Beijing is proposing a new transportation system in the city as a cheaper, green, and faster alternative to commute. It's hard to explain how it works in words so click on the link for pictures. How viable do you think this type of project would be in San Francisco?

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Ideal Conditions?

I personally think the addition of this kind of bus would be a great idea, but the only concern I have for it is the problem of various issues, such as drunk drivers, and reckless drivers. While under ideal conditions, this bus could revolutionize the way we travel, I feel that not every driver is the perfect driver, and accidents will be inevitable. While there are radars located all over the bus to warn trucks and warn drivers when the bus is about to turn, warnings aren't always foolproof... I've seen some drivers in the United States ignore red-lights sometimes!

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