Citizen advisory boards get ignored

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I have a friend, a very informed transportation wonk, who joined the citizen advisory committee s few years ago. He was very excited to start working on solutions with the City, and brought a great deal of expertise and professionalism to the table. His experience was depressing. He and the advisory board came up with several viable, cost-effective proposals for both immediate improvements and long-term investment in our desired sustainable, livable city culture. They advosry board was basically patted on the head and thanked for their time. Their recommendations went completely ignored, and probably didn't reach any higher than their official City contact.
We have no lack of good ideas to vet and fund. What we lack is a City administration that can provide the necessary leadership to commit to a plan and run with it. I understand that politics is politics, but evrey year it costs the local economy money in lost sales and wages as people are late or can't get to their destinations.
Also, i believe the MTA has a huge PR problem that can't be solved by sloganeering. They need to get smarter about publishing their plans and accomplishments. Greater transparency, the opportunity to really participate (enage and take some responsibility, not just sound off online), and experiencing tangible results are the best means for better serving the public.

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