Congestion Charges in San Francisco

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This film on congestion pricing discusses the benefits of implementing such schemes in busy urban areas like SF.

Is congestion pricing the answer to San Francisco's traffic problems, creating a nicer, cleaner city, or are these charges simply another case of government over-step and an attempt to raise funds for cash-strapped city coffers? 

What does San Francisco think?

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Not the answer--at least not now

Take a look at the cities that use congestion charges: London is the one most often cited, for example, by former supervisor Jake McGoldrick. Notice the web of Tube lines criss-crossing the central city and extending well out into suburbia; plus the extensive system of commuter trains; plus the bus system. To sum it up, if we impose a congestion charge in London, drivers mostly have ways of getting to their destinations on some form of mass transit. Now look at San Francisco: we have an anemic BART system that serves mostly to funnel workers in and out of Downtown. We have a cash-strapped MUNI system that does not have spare capacity; and we have CalTrain, itself under threat. For San Francisco, congestion charging would simply be a tax, since the capacity to serve drivers diverting to transit in response to the congestion charge simply doesn't exist.

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