Expanding BART

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I'm so ready for this city to expand access to BART throughout the city. Im tired of riding in crammed buses for 30 minutes to get home from work. We're one of the most progressive cities in the country, but our public subway system is arguably one of the worst.

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It would be nicer if there

It would be nicer if there were more stations in the City. BART is convenient if you're going from the north east or even south bay to SF, but is dreadful for moving around inside SF. Muni is the only real option for people trying to get from their SF neighborhoods to their workplaces downtown. More Bart stations in the city would definitely be nice. 

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I've often wondered the same

I've often wondered the same thing, why there isn't another BART line running north to reach such places as Fisherman's Wharf, the Marina, Sunset, etc.  But in reality extending BART would privilege upper class transit riders and regional travelers while probably competing too much with MUNI which is already in need of more investment.  BART is used overwhelmingly by transbay commuters and extending the bart line around SF might make it easier for SF residents in those areas to commute to other areas.  Probably should stick with investing more in MUNI

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I work in the city and I was

I work in the city and I was recently considering moving to the city. The main thing that kept in Berkeley is that there is that my commute would take longer if I lived in the city because there is no direct line. Riding MUNI and making all the stops would increase my commute over staying in Berkeley. This is an issue I believe needs to be addressed. Expanding BART within the city is a top priority for me. 

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Express MUNI?

BART is great for going around the Bay Area, and I'd even like to see it go to San Jose and farther up north. But it was never meant as a way to travel inside the city. That's what MUNI is for, and BART would be too expensive ($250million per mile) to extend to different corners of the city.

The solution I'd like to see is more express MUNI trains/buses during commuter hours to limit the commuting time.

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BART Expansion

Definitely true that BART isn't meant for "inside the city" traveling. I'm interested to see how/when BART will expand. San Jose seems like such a logical spot to expand BART. Especially if the A's move to San Jose or if the Niners move to Santa Clara, expansions are going to have to be made. Regional transit has fallen behind the times and BART needs to figure out ways to cover more of the area

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Time is Money

BART provides many things that MUNI does not. Distance, promptness, and seat availability. The idea of BART expansion immediately makes people think of neighboring Bay Area counties, but what if we expanded within SF? It may be beneficial if BART could be replicate a version of DC's transportation in SF. To be able to use the underground as the main mode of public transportation and additional buses on street level to relieve some congestion. Sometimes I think it's a waste that BART only has 4 SF stops.

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Bart needs to expand w/in Bay Area, not necessarily w/in SF

I would be delighted to see Bart expand all the the way to San Jose and perhaps even wrap around the south bay in a sort of a loop. And although I know it will most likely not happen in the near future, I would love to see a Bart line go to Marin county, then it will truly be a regional transit service.

However, for travel within San Francisco, MUNI needs to be improved, with more frequent service, more express lines, and a drastic expansion of the underground MUNI Metro system, esp. north of Golden Gate Park. Only question is, where do we get the funding? In a crisis like we have today, I honestly do not know...

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BART ignores too many neighborhoods

Why was Bernal Heights totally ignored by BART, AND the Portola, AND the Excelsior, AND most of Potrero Hill? AND all of the Sunset and Richmond? I do appreciate the Metros, however, as there's decent service to the westside as well as Noe Valley. The buses are far too crowded, especially the #1 California.

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I've always thought...

There should be a BART loop from downtown down Geary St, turning south and heading down Sunset Blvd passing by SF State/Stonestown and connecting up with the Daly City BART station.

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