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Before moving to the Bay Area, I was a tourist in San Francisco and found public transportation frustrating at times. One suggestion that would improve the experience is offering day tickets for a fixed price that could be used across all modes of public transport to make seeing this fine city simpler! Many cities offer such a service and it is not difficult to implement. 

Day-ticket - Makes sense with the Clipper Card

Makes lots of sense and easy to do.    Charge $5/day and allow for use on MUNI Metro, Bus, and CableCars (not BART).    Call it a DAY Travel Pass - can be ordered and placed on the card, and like a FastPass - actually gets loaded when you tag on the first ride of the day.

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This idea makes a lot of

This idea makes a lot of sense in a city whose residents and visitors rely so heavily on public transportation!  NYC has day, week, and month unlimited passes!  In LA, the Metro system has day passes that are good on the buses and rail system.  When I first moved to the Bay Area I was actually very surprised that SF doesn't have a similar system!

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We have these - MUNI PASSPORT

MUNI already has such a ticket -- the MUNI Passport which can be purchased for 1, 3 or 7 day passes.  These are valid on the cable car too.  If you pay attention on the street cars, busses, etc., you regularly see tourists using these passes.  I think they are pretty wildly available and get good use.  I sometimes take the Cable car up Powell to get to the top of the hill without walking and almost all the tourists on the Cable Car flash at least a 1 day passport ticket.

Muni Passport & Clipper Card....

ExcelsiorMom - thanks for the reminder on this.    Would be nice if they could be 'merged' with Clipper Card as well - so they can be bought at a Kiosk - and work accordingly.    Maybe a different face, but still the tag on/off capabilities that will be required in the near future on other buses and MuniMetro.

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Would it be

Would it be practical/feasible to have a similar program for BART, too?  I'm pretty sure that if anything it'd at least be very useful for tourists who might hop on BART a lot of times to hit different parts of the city all in one day of sightseeing.

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a great idea

this is actually a great idea considering the south of the bay area has already implemented that idea...when i say south, i mean Santa Clara VTA... i went there a couple of times and they actually have the day pass that you can actually buy on the bus.. a splendid idea. i have no idea why all the people in the board hasn't thought of this? or even maybe just go around other city and try to implement their successes on the transportation here.

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It does sound like having it

It does sound like having it merged into a kiosk would be more helpful... but great tip nonetheless.

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