Fixing Masonic Avenue

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Does Masonic Avenue really need adjusting? There are certain streets in the City that need to act as thoroughfares. Do we need to traffic calm, or do we need to teach pedestrians and cyclists to be more careful? These are the arguments laid out.

The fact is that City's are dynamic and ever changing. When Masonic was envisioned it was during a time of the height of automotive dominance in our policy making. Now we are more pedestrian again. We need to have safer streets - particularly ones that connect neighborhoods and draw pedestrians to a surrounding park and other amenities.

It is time we slow cars down where appropriate, but not kill the thoroughfare altogether because it does serve its purpose.

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Nightmares May Fade

Masonic Avenue serves a central purpose to connect Pacific Heights to the Haight-Ashbury, but it reeks with the danger of death. As so pointed out when a German tourist riding a bike was killed in a hit-and-run, more initiatives need to be taken to protect those who not only are familiar with the area, but also travelers.

There is no way around the issue--Masonic Avenue is too important for commuting and parking to limit--except the street itself (pun intended). Instead of limiting the number of traffic lanes from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. daily, as the SFMTA suggests, the city may easily put signs instructing riders to use a side street by taking Central one block east, or at the very least--bikers should ride on the sidewalk.

Money does not need to be wasted.

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Educate bicyclists and and

Educate bicyclists and and pedestrians.

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Getting Target to Contribute

Since Target wants to locate its store at the shopping center on Masonic, as part of its requirement to locate there, they should be required to pay significant fees to help traffic calm and improve the street. I mean their traffic will add considerably to the area, so they might as well pay for it.

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