Free and more Parking for scooters & bikes

Ive been in this city a year and have found that this city is virtually perfect for scooters. 
I use my scooter every day, even in light rain or fog
It uses $4 a week worth of fuel
Takes up 1/6 the space of a car
Flows through traffic
Costs 1/10 to buy and maintain
Is fun to ride and if not on freeways safe if driven well
It seems amazing that San Francisco wouldnt follow the lead of cities like Sydney in providing more scooter/motorbike parking in the county and making it free to encourage this mode of transport.
Everytime I get a ticket for not paying 70 cents an hour to park my scooter in a place that takes up 1/6 of the space of a car I'm amazed that the city doesnt make changes here. 
Instant solution, no spending, no marketing (it would get found out), no changes to infrastructure. Nothing, but removing 6 cars for every car spot otherwise offered to one car.
for the win

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