Geary Underground Line

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Why is San Francisco's public transportation system so outdated?  I was in Madrid recently and they have an extensive underground subway line that is fast, safe, clean and very convenient.
The 38 Geary is one of the heaviest used MUNI bus lines.  Geary Blvd/Ave is one of the heaviest used streets in SF.  A MUNI or BART underground line running along Geary from Downtown to Ocean Beach (or near) would significantly ease traffic congestion on Geary and also cut down the commute time for those taking public transportation from the Richmond to Downtown.  I know there are other places in SF that could also use underground lines, but this is one of the most obvioius to me as it's a direct line and a very heavily used route.  Come on SF, let's get with the 21st Century and get rid of those slow, heavy, lumbering buses along Geary!

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bus vs. underground

I used to hold your opinion about putting the Geary service underground; however, if you think about it, all of the underground service in SF is absolutely TERRIBLE if it's the Muni portion. The cars themselves are of poor quality. If they break down in the tunnel or if there is a computer error that causes a delay, you're completely stuck.
At least with the 38, if your bus breaks down, another one shows up and can go around the broken bus.
Sad that SF can't seem to manage underground service--that's why I support improving the existing bus service instead.

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Seriously Think About What You Ask For

Geary St. rail has always seemed like a no-brainer.  Third St. not so much... as evidenced by relatively paltry ridership and the complete lack of anything but 1-car trains. Then they get to Embarcadero outbound and then they are stuffed, often so much so you cannot get on at Montgomery.  Less than ....optimal.... planning.  Geary makes so much more sense to anyone who has ever experienced a 38.  But, Mission Bay won out (along with some hyperbole about Third St. corridor, yadda yadda).
That said, the Metro is seriously unreliable.  I often think... same routes, same trains, same tracks, every day... and it often just doesn't happen.  My personal record between Embarcadero and Castro is 2.5 hours.  Sometimes it works like a charm and can happen in 15 minutes or less and you thank the transportation gods.  But the next time it will likely be very different.  Often the platform is packed and MUNI comes up with a series of 1-car trains, already packed, at rush hour.  No ride.  And then there is congestion in the tunnel and you sit there (again... same routes, same trains, same tracks, every day), wondering how a transit system can be quite so incompetent...
And, like the poster above, you pray that there is no break-down that halts everything and leaves you stranded underground in a cozy, body-to-body sardine can in the tunnel between stations.  You can bet on never having a clue how long you might be there.  At least with a bus you have alternatives.
Cut down your commute time?  Maybe.  Occasionally.

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Geary Blvd Bus Rapid Transit

Geary Blvd is a prime target for faster transit service - that's why we are implementing Geary Blvd Bus Rapid Transit.  The merchants on Geary are extremely concerned because parking and traffic would be disrupted for a few years while construction occurs.
Undegrounding and light rail would be extremely expensive.  Bus Rapid Transit would provide many of the benefits but at a cheaper costs.  The proposal is still in discussion but you should follow it. If you google Geary Blvd BRT you can see other posts discussing the project.

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