How bad it really is

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I just returned from the former Soviet Union.

Everyone should understand that a lot of things are really broken over there.


Their public transit system puts ours absolutely to shame.

The subway costs less than a dollar and there is a train every 120 seconds from 5 am until midnight.

The buses are older than ours and in far better shape.

They have small, almost micro buses, that run routes into the neighborhoods so people can get from their homes to transit hubs.

Why can't San Francisco do it right?  Transit is a basic responsibility of local government.  If transit isn't functioning properly in my view it is a sign that NOTHING is functioning properly.

So, what I propose is this...

Every manager that is making over 100,000 a year has their salary reduced to exactly 100,000.  

Stop wasting money with "fare checkers".  The amount of money they recover relative what they cost is absolutely STUPID!  

Increase the number of foot patrol cops riding hard lines like the 49 and the 14 and I am sure there are others.. I ride those so I know.. there should be a cop on every bus for a few months until all the taggers and muggers get the message that they will not be tolerated.

Increase funding so that the buses themselves are in safe and functional condition.  Hire more mechanics if needed.

Introduce "Jitney" routes all over the city.. they should cost no more than a dollar.  Increase service on every busy line.  Those 14s and 49s in the Mission should not be standing room only on every single bus.

Levy a $1-5 fee on every passenger at SFO designated for MUNI.

Get rid of over paid managers that do not produce anything.

Get rid of those idiots with their clip boards and stop watches.  Let the drivers drive in peace.

Invest in new busses immediately because the ones we have are not going to make it much longer.

Levy an extra $1 fee on the cable car rides for the tourists to pay for new busses.

PRODUCE THE BUSES HERE IN SAN FRANCISCO!!!!  Even if from components purchased elsewhere.. simply assemble the buses here.

I have more ideas.. but that's enough for a start.

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I like the idea of the

I like the idea of the "Jitney" lines in theory, but I don't know who big an impact that would have.  I've found that most places have at least one Muni route (whether bus or trolley or whatever) in relatively close walking distance.  The issue in a lot of places off the major routes is frequency and on-time performance.  Get those right, and Muni would work a lot better. 

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