Improving bike paths and encouraging their use

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As a leader in sustainability practices and encouraging citizens to “Go Green” San Francisco must continue to improve bike paths and routes within the city so that people utilize them with regularity. In my experience I have felt pretty safe riding in the city, but I know many who do not feel the same and this causes them not to ride. Holistic traffic engineering that includes the needs of cars, public transportation and bikes equally, is the key to creating a system that encourages safety and equality for bike riders and thus will encourage more participation.

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This is one of the keys to

This is one of the keys to making the City more liveable and decrease the pollution and congestion of cars. Things like the bike sharing program announced yesterday will continue the need and the drive towards better and more vast bike paths.

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I agree

In a city as beautiful as San Francisco, who wouldn't want to grab a bike and explore along the coast or through the hilly streets? Natural parks and recreational areas are what make our city so beautiful, and contribute to the quality of life that we all appreciate. 

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Portland has a great bike riding system implemented. Colored paths throughout the city are designated especially for bicycles, and you can ride a path all the way up to scenic areas for some fresh air.

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John King writes a great piece in today's Chronicle about extended bike paths and removing car lanes to create urban spaces that are beautiful to see and to use. We shouldn't be scared of the good things NYC has to offer us, and adopt them without delay and obstruction.  I for one am glad the bike lanes will be able to expand and that we can begin to be more creative with our urban asphalt.

Read his article:

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Great Idea!

I went to NYC last August and loved these kinds of areas!

During our recent outreach work, one San Francisco citizen in SoMa complained that his area of the city needs more breathing room, more green. This would definitely help to relieve such concerns.

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great idea

if you've ever ridden a bike around SF, you know having a bike lane is difference between life and death.  Now, that I ride around with Isabella behind me, its even more important to make sure we have adequate bike lanes around San Francisco.  I'm ecstatic that we can finally start paving lanes again.  I cant wait to get our family out and around San Francisco once our youngest daughter, Madeleine is old enough to be in our bike trailer.

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Inspiring Idea

Michigan has a motor-less highway dedicated to bicycles. Highway M-185 is about 8 miles long, and primarily used for bikers. It would be great if San Francisco could follow with lanes/street throughout the city for bikers only. However, since San Francisco is a sprawling city, the cost of implementing such a program would be costly. We would need either raised lanes above traffic or tunnels. Still, it's a good idea for reducing congestion for locals on their way to work on BART and Muni, or places inaccessible to either.

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Copenhagen has some REALLY

Copenhagen has some REALLY great ideas they have already implemented in the community.  San Francisco should try to implement some of their ideas that are already in use and proven to work!  Just my two cents, but I also think it would be really cool to be able to travel from the San Jose area to San Francisco on a dedicated "bike highway" like they have in Copenhagen as well.

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Improved bike paths/bikers

It is a horrible thing to see a bicyclist hit by a car. I've seen this multiple times.  It is angering to see pedestrians hit by bicyclists, seen this too.  I would Love to see those who ride bikes accord everyone the respect we demand by our use of bikes.  So yes let's encourage the improvement, increase, and Use of bike paths and let's us bike riders Drive like we'd like others to.

both sides of the fence


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Bicycle Registration??

Maybe we could require registration for bicycles and use the annual registration fees to help pay for improving bicycle lanes, paths, and other services.

Since we charge car owners registration fees for owning cars, maybe we should do the same for bicycle owners.  Of course the car registration is at the state level, and the bicycle registration would be at the city level, but it would get bicycle owners the feeling that they are contributing to the cost of bike lanes, bike parking, etc.



bike fee

I totally agree with a small registration fee (I don't want to see bike use discouraged) and only charged to adults (over 16).  Make sure bike riders are aware of road rules, and their bikes are fitted with safety features like reflectors.  NO TRACK BIKES WITH NO BRAKES - I think these should be outlawed, they are a danger to the bikers and pedestrians.  

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I am a bike commuter and think bicycle registration is a great idea. When I was growing up in Rockford Il. back in the 60's the city not onlu had a bike registration fee but an annual auto registration fee that helped to pay for street improvements etc. I am very interested in this and think it is overdue.

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Bigger Bike Lanes- Fewer Car Lanes

Bike registration? We should be charging out of town motorists to enter the city, and create municipal parking lots to create revenue for the city and maintain the roads and bike paths.

We should be creating an environment that is less hospitable for motorists and encourages fewer fossil fuel dependent commutes.

As a former cyclist who has been hit several times by cars, I would welcome full, car lane size bike paths with a raised divider to prevent cars from drifting in to bike lanes- or as a cut through to get ahead in traffic.

I would love to get back on my bike again without fear of becoming road kill.

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I have wanted to bike around

I have wanted to bike around the city since i moved here. But the issues is as follows. Every single person i know who bikes here, has gotten hurt or hit. I would love love to be able to bike, but cant see myself doing it unless it becomes safer for me. Yesterday I was walking home from downtown and encountered Critical Mass. I love the fact that the people who do bike here are doing this and saying that they want to be noticed and they want the city to see that they need more bike lanes etc. If there were bike lanes, I believe that the population of San Francisco would bike much more.


More bike lanes is a necessity within the city, and a bike share program would help.


Denver has a bike share program. Here is a link.


Vancouver has an extensive network of bike lanes, including separated bike lanes.

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The more people use bikes,

The more people use bikes, the safer it becomes as drivers become more aware and respectful of cyclists as a major mode of transport. As more people cycle San Francisco's streets will become less congested, safer and cleaner. The city government should do all it can to encourage this. Examples being sufficient safe places to lock up bikes and possibly looking in to shared city bikes schemes as are being implemented in many European cities which consequently have higher bike usage.

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