Interesting talk by a Bill Ford about the future of cars, gridlock, and transportation

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It's interesting to hear a Ford talk about sustainability, public tranportation, etc.


Whatch the TED Talk here.

What do you think about what he has to say about reconciling his love for cars and the environment? What about cars in San Francisco? How will their role change?

 Thoughts? Comments? Questions?



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How Cars Have to Co-Exist with the Environment

We can no longer have cars or the environment but cars and the environment.  It's not just cars, but also transit, walking, biking, ferries and cars and how all these modes of transportation co-exist with the environment.  As our need to get from point A to point B have greater and greater impacts on the environment, we need to go greener and go faster.  Electric vehicles and hybrids should be to the 21st century what the combustible engine was to the 20th century.  We really have no other choice.  Additionally, we need to be more aggressive about pushing pushing transit - high speed is one great idea which may never happen because of a lack of leadership and coordination in our state.  Just think what the impact of cars will be once China and India starts to drive as many cars as the US.  Its just not sustainable.  Check out Bill Ford's exmaples of gridlock in China - its clear we cant only have cars but we need a huge amount of public transit and more efficient modes of transit.

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