Love commuter benefits for bicyclists

I think commuter benefits to bicyclists are great, I'm so glad they were saved from being cut, and I think they should be higher. Incentivizing biking in SF and in other cities will create such less congested, more street friendly and spacious environment for our city. To the haters, yes I agree that bikers can sometimes be obnoxious in how they navigate the streets, but its nothing compared to how terrible drivers can be in SF especially toward bikers. And lets not forget about the driver who went on a rampage and ran over 3 bikers on purpose a few months ago.

An article about bike commuter benefits. Check with your employer to see if you qualify!

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San Francisco City of Bikes

Hell yeah, in a city like SF cycling should be encouraged as much as possible. Bikes are symbolic of many of the beliefs San Franciscian's hold dearly. They are environmentally friendly. They promote health. They create a better atmosphere in a city which suffers from an overload of cars packed on to its narrow streets. 

There are a number of things SF should do to promote more cycling. There should be more lanes and more places to park. There should be street bike rentals which allows people to borrow a bike and return it to another station in the city. Theres already exist accross Europe and are well used. There should be more facilities like the Bike Station in Berkeley which is a public-private partnership part subsidized by BART which lets cyclists come in and work on their bikes as well as offering repair services and storage.

I am a driver and a cyclist and I think that drivers just need to realise that motors do not monopolize the roads. Besides the most dangerous vehicles in SF gotta be those crazzzy taxis, right?!

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Go Bike Network!

Did you guys know about this organization dedicated to improving the SF bike network?

Some of their goals for 2011:
- Three continuous miles of bikeway
- Improvements to Market Street

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the wiggle!

AND, let's not forget the commuter favorite the "wiggle"- it's a straight shot bike route from Golden Gate Park to Downtown!

Info On Connecting The City in SF/Bike Escalators

Thanks Ro for your information on SF Bicycle's Coalition for Connecting the City ( San Francisco can do so much to create continuous safe bicycle routes for us all to enjoy. When I was in Melbourne, Australia, they had on Swanston Street (their Market St. basically) a separate bike lane with a concrete divider that I was able to fly down from my university abroad to downtown where I would catch movies, sushi, and hang out by the pier. When I bike to work in San Francisco, I'm often able to beat MUNI to the office. In Australia it was even easier because I felt so safe riding.

Unfortunately San Franciscans have to deal with an inordinate amount of hills that Australians don't. The wiggle is a great way to circumvent these, but I think for the much harder areas to get up, like Nob Hill and up from the Castro to Richmond, it would be great if there could be a bike elevator that would pull bikers up these hills. They operate much like foot petals that push you up hills, and operate by pulleys much like SF trolley buses. To see how it works, go to: OR


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Bike parking

One of these reasons people are scared to bike is bikes get stolen all the time.  We should encourage parking lots to offer bike parking in every lot in San Francisco so bikers have a safe place to lock their bikes.

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Bikes on Bart

There could also be a more elegant solution for bringing bikes transbay on BART. At the moment bikes crowd into the regular trains which can cause obstruction and irritation to other users, particularly at rush hour. As a cyclist I don't want to be a problem but I do need to bring it sometimes. With increasing numbers of cyclist commuters, there is reasonable argument for a bike carriage with racks on one side and benches on the other. This is in the interest and safety of all passengers. 

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Bicycle-fy San Francisco!

Just wanted to share this here, maybe someone else will be as thrilled as I am about these beautiful and practical designs!

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