Mayor Lee: FREE Power!

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San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee made an important announcement yesterday that should further move forward California’s ambitious goal of having 60,000 electric vehicles and 85,000 plug-in hybrids on our roads by 2017. Mayor Lee unveiled a list of 20 city-owned parking garages including those at SFO that will soon be home to electric car charging stations – and they’ll be FREE to use until 2013! In total there will be more than 80 charging stations combined at these locations.

According to Mayor Lee this new proposal will further help San Francisco decrease its greenhouse gas levels by 20% in 2012 compared to the levels reported in 1990. And it should further encourage San Franciscan’s in the market for new wheels to seriously consider going electric. The complete list of planned car charging locations is below:  


  • Civic Center garage
  • Ellis O’Farrell garage
  • Fifth & Mission garage
  • General Hospital garage
  • Golden Gateway garage
  • Japan Center garage
  • Lombard garage
  • Mission Bartlett garage
  • Moscone Center garage
  • North Beach garage
  • Performing Arts garage
  • Pierce Lombard garage
  • Polk Bush garage
  • Portsmouth Square garage
  • SFO garages
  • St. Mary’s Square garage
  • 1600 Mission Street garage
  • Stockton Sutter garage
  • Union Square garage
  • Vallejo Street garage
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City Needs to Invest in Electric Charging Stations

The City should invest in infrastructure to get people off fossil fuels.  While this funding should not take any dollars away from transit, we need to help build the infrastructure so we can move away from gas vehicles.  Mayor Lee's investment will have a huge impact on reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

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keep me updated about free power please

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I agree

 People don't drive electric cars because they are new and scary. Free charging stations around the city will begin to make people feel more comfortable. Infrastructure=acceptance. We have hundreds of gas stations, therefore, the gas car is accepted. More charging stations for electric cars will make them more acceptable. 

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