MUNI faces $1.6billion deficit over 20 years unless...

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MUNI can cut $30MM a year in expenses and raise $50MM a year in revenue.  Would you support a revenue measure in November if MUNI could reign in some of its expenses?

Here are some of the options reported by the Chronicle:

-- A vehicle mitigation impact fee of $50 to $150 per car, which would raise $24 million to $72 million a year.

-- A fee, based on the idea that transit is similar to a utility, of $60 to $180 per single-family home and other amounts on all residences and businesses, which would raise $26 million to $74 million.

-- A parcel tax dedicated to transportation of $100 to $200 per property, which would raise $20 million to $39 million a year.

-- Off-street commercial parking fees of $100 to $300 per stall of free parking, which would raise $6 million to $17 million.

-- A city transportation sales tax, which would raise $17 million for each one-eighth of a cent.

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One thing missing

I see them asking for us to pay more and asking the employees to take less. But where in this story is the agency looking for ways to save money by actually doing better?

As so many others have pointed out - see the great pieces on the Muni Death Spiral from Greg Dewar and Joe Eskenazi – speeding up Muni will save money. 

Of course we all need to chip in to save Muni. But that should include the agency. 

It should start with the agency. 

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San Francisco MUNI Tax

I give kudos to MUNI for developing a number of revenue options in tackling their massive budget problem. But, I agree with Eric - SFMTA needs to look for ways to increase their efficiency and, thus, make more money.

And, about the first budget option - the so-called "vehicle impact mitigation fee" - that sounds like a way for MTA to issue a parking ticket to every car registered in San Francisco without an actual violation taking place. I own a car and I already pay street parking...enough is enough. And, I am not alone in this thinking - over 2,600 people singed the Reset San Francisco petition to stop MTA's plan of turning San Francisco into a parking trap.

MUNI is a service that is enjoyed by all San Franciscans and, if a tax is the answer, then all San Franciscans should pay - which sounds like the third option for me.

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