Muni Meltdowns

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Are you serious MUNI?? Getting in accidents before 8 in the morning? I am so happy I was not on that bus this morning. Taking the K and M underground I do not want to worry about my safety on the commute to work. Muni has had a long record of accidents in the city. I read in the paper today that MUNI paid $5.4 million to the biker they hit a while back on the Great Highway. Someone needs to step in and grab MUNI by the horns to control this. 

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Wasn't that picture of the bus crazy?  I only had ride to and from Civic Center today so I was only on the underground.  We need to do everything possible to ensure safe streets for pedestrians, riders, bikers, drivers, etc.  I dont think its too much to ask!

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Right from the start, Muni Metro Was NOT Well Thought Out

I mean, who sets up a system where if a train breaks down, all the trains behind it are stuck until the maintenance yard can send out a repair guy and then if the train can't be repaired in place, the have to then send out some sort of means of towing the thing--all which take HOURS??!  I get docked every time I am late for work; I live near the east edge of GGPark yet I have to allow 1.5 hours to commute to work and lately I'm still getting to work late.  Last week, every single damn day the Metro was so slow, or was going nowhere, I was way late.  One of the selling points when Muni bougth new trains was that each train would be in communication with the the dispatcher office so they would be able to be kept apprised of any problems or delays on the line so the riders could be kept apprised and make alternative plans if needed but this never happens, drivers don't know why there are 6 trains stopped ahead of them, don't know how long they are going to be stopped, don't know anything.  I've had it with the Metro, at a very minimum the N-Judah (supposedly the line with the highest ridership) has some sort of problem at least once a week so riders have to get off at Church and take some alternative means of getting where we have to go.  Routinely, you wait 30 mins for a train, one finally comes along and you find it's going offline so you're going to have to wait for the next one (or find other means of getting where you need to go).  I'm giving up on the Metro and going back to riding the bus.  Sure, I'll have to add another 15+ mins. to my commute (almost 2 hours to get to work--people coming from Napa and San Jose spend less time commuting) because of the clog down on Market St. (in summer you have the tourists all getting on and off the trolleys and taking 3-5 mins each stop to do so, and the trolleys block traffic for the electric buses behind them--another example of the fine minds running Muni) but at least I have a better chance of getting work closer to on time.  And who's bright idea was it that everyone would be honest by paying their fair share???  Must have been brain damaged--to a whole lot of people, their idea of "fair share" is zero--they truly believe everyone owes then something simply because they breath.  Oh, and let's talk about Clipper--about 3 out of 5 times I ride the train (not so much the bus but it does happen on the bus too) the gamn Clipper reader machine isn't working and according to the Muni police the rider is supposed to seek out a working machine somewhere else on the train.  Right, with the drivers slamming on the brakes, all those backpacks slamming into your face, luggage and buggies and everything/everyone else blocking your way, you're supposed to claw your way to the next machine to see if it works.  And if I fall and break a hip in the process, considering I have osteroporosis, suing Muni bigtime isn't going to fix my body.  Anyone on the Munii board out to have to commute everywhere on Muni all the time, not just once a month or whatever--maybe they'd realize how broken the whole system, how frustrated those of us who are trying to support public transporation are and maybe they're little gray cells would start firing and we'd get some sane decisions being made instead of these airhead ones we've been living with for so many money-losing years.

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