MUNI Service Restoration

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MUNI is bringing back 61% of the service that it cut in May but is still "$1.4 million" per month short of what it needs to get the service level back to where it was. It's always just such a constant struggle. Will MUNI ever "figure it out"?

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New MUNI Buses

I was reading this article, and I was amazed that it wasn't San Francisco who thought of this idea. It was always us that led the world with new and progressive thinking. This could be MUNI Restoration we've been looking for.

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MUNI Service Restoration

No, MUNI will never figure out anything other than how can its employees get more money.  And they will do that, even as the entire system collapses around them.  Willie Brown did a great thing by getting MUNI to agree that mechanics would show up for work as they were paid to do.

If the unions were willing to become part of the solution, instead of the problem, we might be able to restore MUNI to its former glory.  I've been riding MUNI for 30 years, and it gets to be more and more of a joke.  Reducing service actuall improves it because it eliminates expectations and the resulting frustration.  Just pay the staff and reduce service to zero, and we will show what MUNI actually is: a giant welfare system.

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