MUNI's deficit and San Francisco's public transportation frustration

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MUNI, as noted by Reset San Francisco, is in the hot seat for poor money management now. A recent post on Reset San Francisco deviated the mismanagement of some money spent on PR for upcoming labor negotiations, which is strange for MUNI because  they already operate a press office.

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The public transportation group is no pinnacle of civic and public pride, with 1990's "MUNI Meltdown" of old technology, and recent implications expose MUNI may be upending some legacy of progress with poor safety performances and financial mismanagement. MUNI's deficit lies around $21 million, which destroys public support further when the company spends a soft $100,000 on public relations. 

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A larget question lies in the accidents involving MUNI, and why San Francisco is constantly worried about the public transportation system. In 2009, MUNI was involved in a traffic accident that injured around 45 people, and this accident saw the appropriation of about $7 million in damages and legal pay-outs. $7 million for an operators error seems a more concerning issue than a small PR fee for better publicity. Public transportation in San Francisco has become a waiting of sorts, and expensive traffic incidents offer assumptions to what could have been done with an extra $7 million. Hiring more transit operators to boost the 13.7% abscence rating or 71% on-time mark, or hiring more transit police to stake gains in the $19 million lost to "free rides?" 

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San Francisco faces reform tactics and negotiations, and the MUNI, BART, and public transportation systems are no exceptions. MUNI, although spending wasted money on PR, should play a more active role in safety and monitoring of tickets because, this is where important issues lay. Perhaps totaling all the accidents by MUNI could provide a stirring figure for transit accidents on funds lost.

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