Neeed more frequent J Church trains-Muni

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Requesting more frequent J Church trains.  I've had to wait up to 45 minutes when going from downtown to outbound.  It seems like there's lots of N's and M's....but not so many J's. 


Sundays are quite long waits too....especially going outbound.  The weekends are a time to do errands, and typically I'm carrying groceries.  Would love it if the wait was no more than 10-15 minutes every day.


Thank you

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More frequent MUNI everywhere

MUNI needs to come more often everywhere in San Francisco.  Actually, if we can increase the speed of MUNI routes I heard its the equivalent to adding 20% to 30% more trains.  Would you give up your bus stop to have a fast J Church?  What else can we do to have a faster MUNI

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