New MUNI gate problems

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I was reading the other day about the susceptibility of the new MUNI gates to fare-dodgers. Apparently, they are pretty easy to open without paying. The same gates are being used in other major metro areas like Miami and they aren't having any problems. Unfortunately this seems like another one of those great ideas that just got rushed through without thinking of everything. Now, it will cost the City money because of the fare-dodgers and it will cost the City money when they inevitably will have to pay to create some sort of solution. Should the City have had more foresight on this? I appreciate that they are trying to make upgrades to the system, but this seems like a one step forward, two steps back kind of scenario. 

New Gate move one step further from RAPID transit....

Love my Translink........ooops Clipper Card (in lovely OLD GREEN) - but those new gates in the Metro station are horrid.    I use my Muni "A" pass loaded on my Clipper card on BART and I love the speed of the opening gate, so I can get thru quickly.   LIKED the old Translink Metro gates that have the sort of turnstile approach.   The new gate do nothing more than frustrate me, as I'm usually trying to rush to catch a train, and I have to wait for those stupid gates to open up......


Please look at getting these fixed. Either Faster or a better mechanism for moving through quickly.

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Total agreement

A little while ago during the Ask An Expert program on transportation one official mentioned that this is the same technology being used in other major cities but that ours still have some bugs that are being worked out. It makes sense, but who is working them out? Can we have some updates? A multi-million dollar project that is attempting to transform the way San Francisco commutes and it feels like stalled gates are emblematic of the entire installation process and information campaign.

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