A New Way to Get Across the Bay

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The San Francisco and East Bay Bicycle coalition is working to create a path that would allow people to bike and walk across the Bay Bridge.  The Eastern section from Oakland to Yerba Buena Island is already under construction, but the Western section connecting to the City is still in the planning stages.  With the safety of bicyclists in SF a concern, why do people feel this path has taken so long to complete?

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SF Cognitive Dissonance

I am so excited for this plan!

As far as the disconnect between our SF values of environmentalism and our delay in completing this project, I feel like it likely comes down to logistics ... fiscal logistics.

The 'bike-themed' music sounds super cool.  

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This is GREAT news. I am fed

This is GREAT news. I am fed up of awkwardly standing in a busy BART with my bike, trying not to take out other passengers.

Opening the city to Pedestrians has been a long time coming!

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