No Right Turn - Market & Octavia

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The fact that at a major entry point for a freeway (Octavia), along another major form of vehicular, bike, and pedestrian traffic (Market) that you can't take a right turn in a car is completely indicative of what is wrong with San Francisco as a City.

I'll be the first to say that we need to expand bike lanes, pedestrian safety, and public transportation in our City, but to try and outright stop cars from entering the freeway, where it absolutely makes perfect sense is poor planning.

Matt Gonzalez is the one that put this forward as a temporary solution. It has subsequently caused more than 18 traffic accidents - mainly between pedestrians/bikes and cars. Instead, we should simply make it easier and distinct for cars to turn right and safer for bikes and pedestrians to flow their unobstructed.

The fact that we've made this corner the battleground between cars and other forms of travel is an "only in San Francisco" issue. I hardly support Senator Leland Yee, but I'm glad he told the bike lobby no and didn't support their legislation to install a camera at that intersection. The City has had to build barriers - both concrete and plastic -- to try and stop cars from turning, but nothing has worked. A complete waste of time, money and resources.

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I completely agree.  I would

I completely agree.  I would love to see a redesign at this intersection to allow for a right turn.  You could make a safe bike lane and a right turn lane and all would be safe. 

I agree.

The current design is poor planning. It doesn't need to be either-or. It should be redesigned to be safer and more efficient for all modes of traffic.

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I agree

Enough said

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