Paying for lawbreakers

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The number of handicap parking permits in this city is outrageous. You can walk along whole streets in the Sunset where every car has a handicap permit hanging from the mirror. Just look around and see how many you see. There is no way that over 10% of this city is handicapped. I believe the actual ratio of # of placards to drivers is even higher than that.

These drivers pay no money at meters, park illegally, and take spaces away from those who are truly handicapped. The actual criteria to get one of these is very limited. This is both the fault of physicians, and those who continue to use them long after they are needed, or in many cases, using someone elses (who may be deceased!)

That's right. They pay no money at the meter. That's 7K or more per year (based on money/hour x 9 hours of active x number of non-holiday non Sunday days) per spot.

And these are not the people who will be paying parking tickets.

Next time you see someone park their car, hang up the blue plaque on their mirror, and get out and walk, ask yourself if they look like they are incapable of walking a few more feet, or putting money in the meter.

Then look at the parking ticket you get, with the huge fee. Guess who's paying for their parking?

I just saw 3 women park at CPMC for free, waving their handicap placard, then hurry down to Fillmore exclaiming how excited they were to be eating lunch where they were going. Yesterday, a woman popped out of her car at 3700 California with her dog, hung up her placard, parked in a metered spot, then dashed across the street to the veterinarian's office carrying her dog. 4 lanes of oncoming traffic.

The police have officers dedicated to ending this abuse but they are overwhelmed. Before you start ripping money out of our wallets, go after those who are cheating the city of what belongs to the city.

To quote an elderly resident at a meeting prior to the election where the supervisor candidates came to meet us prior to the election:

'Nobody wants to get treated like a cow, yanked and pulled and squeezed every day for what your money, but if you are an honest, tax paying, hard working San Franciscan, that is how the rest of the city and the government see you, and I'm moving out."

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