PUC says San Francisco MUNI has made safety violations

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Take a read of this article from today's Chronicle. A little disturbing, no? To be quite honest, I'm less concerned with the fact that the California Public Utilities Commission found these safety violations as (and perhaps I'm a tad jaded) I almost expect there to be certain safety issues given the size, scope and age of the MUNI system. What concerns me more is the obvious discrepancies in the claims of the PUC and those of MUNI. PUC says MUNI hasn't been forthcoming; MUNI says it has. MUNI says it's safe and addressing problem areas; PUC says they haven't seen MUNI's plans to fix issues. What's going on? Whose being honest and who is dropping the ball between these two important agencies whose ultimate goal is to keep US safe? Something needs to be done to ensure the PUC and MUNI are working in concert and not against each other. And furthermore, it's a ridiculous idea that the PUC is considering fines against MUNI. They may be unaware but MUNI is cash poor - like almost. Instead of fining them, force them to take that money to fix what's unsafe.

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Nat Ford Fires Back

Not sure this is the best PR move. Pretty sure it is very bad policy. But MUNI boss Nat Ford is leading the SF Chronicle today attacking the PUC safety findings.

He calls the report a "publicity stunt."

This is from the head of an agency that is still paying of the cost of the West Portal crash that injured nearly 50 people. The cost is already over $5 million and it keeps going up.


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