Redesign around Balbora Park BART Needed

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I'm not sure what the solution is, but how many people have tried to get close to the Balboa Park BART station around commute hours.  That place is a mess.  With the entrance to 280, several bus lines, the light rail, City College up the street, and many many people picking up and dropping folks off it is a mess.  This area needs a special study and major redesign.  Does anyone have any ideas? 

I think there has been some talk of this, but, how about using the air rights above 280 near the BART station?  We could build over the freeway and make an accessible and organized transit center with better access points to help reduce traffic on the nearby streets. 

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Ocean is also bad

The area around Ocean Avenue and City College just up the street is also a problem.  Traffic backs up for blocks!  I would defintely support a traffic study for this area.

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Plan for Balboa Park

There is a redesign of Balboa Park in the works.  I was looking for a later version but here's the latest version I could find -

Its part of the Better Neighborhood Plans in the Planning Department - here's the link to the obectives -

There are a lot of components.  Parks, open space, housing and better pedestrian access.  Check it out and let Planning know what you think.

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