SFMTA is not carrying out the mandates of Prop E

We thank Mr. Ting for all his efforts to bring a semblance of fairness to local government and support his efforts. 
Citizens would prefer to see more public parking facilities rather than more billion dollar Muni projects. Public transit riders need a place to park their cars all day. Transit First calls for a BALANCED approach to parking and traffic management. SFMTA's anit-car stance is not a balanced approach.
Prop E was set up to do two things. Balance Muni's budget and fix Muni. Since they have been given a wide range of other things to do, Muni has neglected these two most important tasks.
SFMTA and the Supervisors who support it may be in for a nasty surprise if they continue to ignore the residents and other stakeholders. Just because San Francisco is a liberal city does not mean the residents will allow the "Democrats" who run the city unlimited powers to extract money for their personal projects while refusing to listen to the needs of their constituents.

Paid for by Phil Ting for Assembly 2012. FPPC ID# 1343137