SFMTA Votes to Make Market Street Safety Project Permanent

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It seems like SFMTA is having a good week!

Yesterday, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to require eastbound drivers on Market to turn right at Tenth and Sixth streets. According to this article, since the trial began in September 2009, transit speeds and pedestrian and bicycle traffic have increased.

The Sixth Street turn hasn’t received the same level of compliance from drivers as Tenth Street but with the turns made permanent, police will be able to enforce the rule [article].

I'm happy to see projects that work get reinforcement. But since I'm neither a driver nor a biker, I'm curious to see what people who do drive/bike that route to work everyday think!

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Good News!

Most people dont even drive on Market Street.  Just about every San Franciscan I know avoids Market St in a car, but its a great street to bike.  I actually slipped one time bking on Market St because there werent any bike lanes so I think it's a cheap improvement which will greatly improve transit and safety at the same time.

Biker on Market

I've avoided riding on Market St for a long time to avoid the MUNI logjam, the insane cab drivers, and everyone else. Maybe this will make enough real gains in safety for me that I will come back!

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