Standarized MUNI exit doors — a strange sounding but practical idea(?)

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Proposed: MUNI could do a lot to improve the passenger experience if it could but standardize its buses' rear exit doors.
One only needs to ride MUNI for two or at the most three stops to observe one or more passengers struggling to figure out how to get out of the rear exit doors.
At present, MUNI has three primary types of exit:

  • The push-the-handle exit, which requires the passenger to touch the vertical bar mounted on the exit door.
  • The step-down exit, which requires the passenger to descend the exit door's steps.
  • The poke-with-finger exit — the absolutely worst exit door design ever — that requires the passenger to poke a small handprint sticker on the exit door.

Note especially that the poke-with-finger exit is so poorly designed that MUNI has resorted to putting paper stickers over the original small handprint areas.  Despite this, a majority of MUNI passengers still struggle to get out of these doors.
The problem is that buses are often delayed with frustrated cries of "Rear Door" not because the operator has (yet again) failed to enable the doors, but because a passenger is confused by how to get of those doors.
Admittedly, this sounds like a mundane issue, but any regular MUNI rider is certain to have had his or her ride needlessly prolonged by it.
So my Idea of the Day is that MUNI should:

  • At a minimum, retrofit those darn poke-with-finger doors with something usable by normal human beings.
  • Standardize the design and operation of all buses' rear exit doors so that passengers need only to master one system of exiting said buses.


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