Walking in SF - Real Life Frogger

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Walking is San Francisco is actually more dangerous than we may think.  Last year, 800 people were hit by cars in SF, making it one of the most dangerous cities to walk in both statewide and nationwide.  There have been many attempts to make public safety commissions, but they have yet to solve the problem.  This is not alright for SF to have such high rates of pedestrians getting hit by cars.  We need to solve this problem in order to entice people and businesses to move here and rely on their cars less.  

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Pedestrian Education: Do you think? Do you look?

I would have to admit that this issue is the product of an attitude among pedestrians that they need not look both ways when they are crossing the street and they often fail to take basic precautions. The pedestrian right of way has cultivated this attitude, but it has failed to address the basic fact that cars cannot reverse direction or stop as quickly as humans. And a mistake by a driver can have fatal consequences AND a presumption by  pedestrians and bicyclists regarding the safety of going forward will have the same possible consequences. The point is that pedestrians need to look both ways just for the sake of their own self-preservation. But, few in San Francisco recognize this.

But it is ridiculous to "educate pedestrians". It is so much easier to change pedestrian right of way law and recognize its consequences. You can argue all you want against constructing a paradigm that is centered on the auto, but if you want safety, you need to look at what is happening and why. As it stands, bicyclists and pedestrians remain at-risk on San Francisco streets.

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