What about Loop Bus Routes?

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One of the biggest issues in SF are those that need only go a short distance. All of our buses go these huge routes..what if we analysed some of the neighbourhoods and put in loop routes to cut down on congestion of other buses. For example, a FIDI - Nob Hill Loop.  Catch it at CiticGroup Center - it then travels Sutter to Franklin, turns right on Franklin, turns right back on to California and then back down to Sansome to CitiGroup Center - that cuts a lot of riders off of the 1, 2, 3 and many more...If I had a choice of a less crowded loop versus the overcrowded 2 or 3 during rush hours...I would WAIT!

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How about free loops?

I agree that in some areas loops are a good idea.  And, I would add that there are some places where free access bus loops would be worth considering.  A loop that includes Union Square, Part of Market (Powell Bart Station) and Moscone Center would be a real boon to locals who work downtown, Visitors and shoppers using BART, and convention attendees.  It's one thing to take BART into the City but if you then have to pay another $2. to get to the union street stores, theaters, restaurants, etc., the cost is a factor.  A free bus loop around the Union Square, downtown shopping and convention hotel areas would be a real draw.  

I can also see free loops to the DeYoung/Academy of Sciences, and maybe one too/from Fisherman's wharf. Actually for the last one, I'd simply make the trolley stops "Free Access" between the Ferry Building (North Bound) and Fisherman's Wharf (South bound).  Making it free to get people to a destination where they will spend money probably brings in more money than the fares would.  Walking from the ferry building (Embarcadero Bart) to fisherman's wharf is tiring for small children and takes too much time for office workers, so making the trolley free would bring more shoppers and diners to the waterfront. On "Game Days" Free access could be extended down to/from Pac Bell Park - another incentive to Take Bart instead of your car.

I agree with SpencerSF that there are many places where loops are a great idea.  But I also think some of those loops could be made free access.



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