According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Supervisor David Chiu is asking the City Attorney to draft legislation mandating the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and the Department of Public Works to create an “automated towing notification service,” so drivers know when they’re in a temporary or permanent tow away zone. The city tows roughly 150 – 160 cars a day, costing each San Franciscan roughly $450 a pop. Our Reset team even interviewed some of these individuals earlier this year. Watch the YouTube video here.

Like we mentioned earlier, it is so Gov 1.0 to “call” for something to something to happen – especially during the election season, but it is Gov 2.0 to actually make it happen now.

Phil Ting’s Reset San Francisco is about tapping into the innovation and creativity of San Franciscans and about empowering them to get involved. We’re already taking the initiative to make things happen, like partnering with California Common Sense to create a more open and transparent city government.

Create The City’s Tow Smartphone App, Win $1000

That’s why we’re announcing our Tow No More Smartphone App Contest. The first individual or team that creates an app that (1) includes a map of tow away zones in the city and (2) provides real time information that using the city’s data will be awarded $1000. [See guidelines and best practices here.]

The city released an app earlier this year called SFPark, which helps drivers to stop circling and start parking. And although this app has received positive feedback, it took two years and cost millions to implement.

Part of Government 2.0 is using technology to make the city faster, smarter and more effective. And if we can tap into our innovative community, then we can work together to create something faster and cheaper – without mandating City Hall to tackle more projects that taxpayers probably can’t afford.

Supervisor Chiu is a friend of ours – and we think he is one of the very best champions of innovation at City Hall. So we announce this in the respectful spirit of showing our friend that we don’t need a two-year, multi-million dollar process mired in the old Government 1.0 mindset.

So here is the throw down – who can work faster, the Gov 1.0 City or the Gov 2.0 Reset Community?

We’re throwing down the gauntlet. We have the data. Now let’s make it happen. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.