How Spin Doctors Roll Out MUNI Contracts

Maybe it was because I read about the SF MTA’s decision to pay nearly $100,000 for outside PR help on a morning when the Clipper Card didn’t work, but it just seemed wrong on so many levels to pay spin doctors to make us feel better about riding on a broken Municipal Railway. The Reset Revealed staff got a hold of MTA's contract so we could figure out what these outside PR professionals were going to do.


City Poll Shows Strengths and Weaknesses of Streets Repaving Bond

One of our Reset Revealed correspondents sent in a poll paid for by SFMTA that was designed to test the strengths and weaknesses of the City’s Streets Repaving Bond that was just placed on the November ballot by the Board of Supervisors. While the very idea of the City spending significant sums to take a poll about an election issue is controversial, the results themselves are interesting. Bottom line, the measure itself is popular with voters fed up about potholes and deteriorating streets.


ImproveSF – San Francisco City Employees Speak Out!

Reset San Francisco was forwarded a document containing suggestions from the city’s ImproveSF program, where city employees discuss online how they would balance the city’s budget. And these suggestions prove San Francisco city employees are ready to roll up their sleeves and get some work done! This idea of soliciting feedback from the people who actually work for the city is one of Mayor Ed Lee’s best. Rather than sit back while the same old San Francisco power players dominate the debate, here are ideas to improve our city from the people who know the best (and worst) of city government.


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