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May 27, 2013

With New Yorks system set to begin on Monday, the city will be watching to see if Mayor Michael R. Bloombergs bet on cycling is a success.    

Community gardens for immigrant groups can provide familiar foods that are hard to find in the grocery store. They can also be a balm for alienation and depression.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Inmates at seven minimum- and medium-security prisons in West Virginia will be sowing seeds this spring and tending plants this summer as part of a new program to grow produce for the states largest food bank. Planting on small ...

May 23, 2013

Report highlights importance of measuring time for agency tasks.

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US plans paperless public library

May 22, 2013

Veterans could find a smoother transition into the workforce through a nationwide initiative to make loans more available.

May 21, 2013

Watch Video Listen to the AudioJEFFREY BROWN: Making cities work better through high-tech innovation,that's the ambitious goal of one San Francisco startup.
NewsHour correspondent Spencer Michels has our report.
SPENCER MICHELS: The scrambled eggs and homemade waffles disappeared quickly at this free breakfast for children and their moms in East Palo Alto, a largely minority community in the heart of California's wealthy Silicon Valley.
Many residents here, possibly tens of thousands, qualify for food assistance programs, but aren't accessing them. Some are simply unaware such programs exist ...

Taming The Desert When completed in 2025, Masdar City will pack 40,000 inhabitants into two square miles of carbon-neutral buildings.
Courtesy Foster Partners
Why would a petro-state erect a solar-powered eco-metropolis in the middle of the Arabian desert? To change the world.

At first glance, Masdar City appears a mirage. From a distance it looks like a single multicolored building, standing lonely on the horizon. Part of the illusion is due to the city's strange setting: next to Abu Dhabi airport, just across the highway from the Arabian Gulf, in a deeply inhospitable stretch of desert ...

In the era of austerity, and seemingly endless conversations about budget deficits, finding solutions that both cut costs and make sure payments make it to...

May 19, 2013

White House order means agencies will need to give more attention to data lifecycle management.

Officials from leading companies GAO spoke with reported saving 4-15 percent over prior year spending through strategically sourcing the full range of services they buy—a process that moves away from numerous individual purchases to an aggregate approach. The federal government and leading companies buy many of the same services, such as facilities management, engineering, and information technology. Companies' keen analysis of spending, coupled with central management and knowledge sharing about the services they buy, is key to their savings. Their analysis of spending patterns can ...

May 15, 2013

Code for America is planning a National Day of Civic Hacking next month to "promote transparency, participation and collaboration between governments and citizens." In advance of the event, they've explained how cities can benefit from civic hacking.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has been pushing ever more public data into the spotlight in his state and now even more of it will be...

May 12, 2013

Every time Los Angeles exhales, odd-looking gadgets anchored in the mountains above the city trace the invisible puffs of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases that waft skyward.

May 8, 2013

WAR — When school started here in the fall, 1 out of 7 classrooms was without a teacher; leaders couldnt recruit enough educators to this sparsely populated rural area at the southern tip of West Virginia. When officials turned on the mandatory sec...

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