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May 8, 2011

Court appearances done by video are surging in New York and around the country, as cash-strapped communities look for ways to boost efficiency and cut costs. The tools are used in courts large and small, and the savings for some are staggering: $30 million in Pennsylvania so far, $600,000 in Georgia, and $50,000 per year in transportation costs in Ohio.

The sounds of everybody from Duke Ellington to Jelly Roll Morton to obscure surfer dudes are preserved at a Library of Congress facility in Virginia. Access is limited, but that is about to change. About an hour south of Washington, D.C., deep beneath rolling hills near the verdant Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, lies a storehouse filled with bounty.

SAN FRANCISCO — It is the urban driver's most agonizing everyday experience: the search for an empty parking place.

As soon as 2017, Vermont could become the first state to provide and pay for insurance for most of its residents under a plan passed by the Legislature Thursday. But it must first clear several significant hurdles, including persuading the federal government to allow the state to assume responsibility for Medicare and Medicaid enrollees and finding a way to pay ...

The online materials create a level playing field for agencies of all sizes and budgets, OPM's Angela Bailey says.

May 5, 2011

The USAJobsRecruit website has recruiting guidance, discussion forums, chats and blogs.

May 3, 2011

Are 'brownfield' sites the renewable power generators of tomorrow? Landfill, disused mines, redundant industrial sites and even rooftops are all starting to look like attractive locations for renewable energies generators such as solar power, wind turbines and even biomass production. All we need is the commitment from business and government to put them to good use.

Our Wired World, Disposed Of Curtis Palmer via WikimediaLooking for a source of rare earths? Try your stash of old cellphones
With rare earth supplies uncertain and gold and silver prices spiking, a new international project wants to mine a potentially huge untapped source of minerals and metals: that dresser drawer where you're hoarding all your old cell phones.
Electronic waste is not a new problem. It's estimated that only 10-15 percent of personal electronics—cellphones, computers, televisions, etc.—are properly recycled. Many are shipped abroad for "recycling" (where health ...

A promising approach to reducing and preventing crime at the neighborhood level involves addressing both immediate and long-term risk factors for crime. This strategic plan outlines a collaborative Neighborhood-Based Crime Prevention Initiative (NCPI) that combines law enforcement-led crime suppression activities with human and social service efforts to address longer-term risk factors for crime. This plan focuses on the initiative's structure, and data and administrative requirements. Objectives, associated suppression and prevention activities, and performance measures are related to initiative ...

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca doesn't want to throw away on the key; he wants to equip inmates for a better life outside prison walls. His new initiative gives them an academic education, but that's not all.

Dial 112 if you're in trouble. Dial 144 if your dog is.

May 2, 2011

Authorities in Connecticut are taking steps to help prison inmates cope with a problem that affects them and inmates around the nation: child-support debts that mount while they're behind bars.

April 28, 2011

BasicGov Systems, Inc. has launched BasicGov GIS Connector. The software will provide state and local governments with GIS mapping tools for land and citizen management functions such as land use, zoning, parcels, permits, inspections, plans, or code violations. The software works with Esri’s GIS system and organizes GIS information as layers on existing maps. Users [...]

States and local governments across the U.S. are adopting strong complete streets policies, reports the National Complete Streets Coalition. The new report rates written policies on the strength of their inclusion of a list of policies.
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April 25, 2011

Events for black, gay, transgender youth mix entertainment, free testing, educationThe party for some 400 of Baltimore's gay and transgender community of color, held at a downtown hotel, included fishnet stockings and stilettos, music and dancing — as well as bowls of condoms and free HIV testing.

Central High in Detroit, the first public high school in Michigan, has undergone many changes. The latest, coming in the fall, could be the most dramatic. The 153-year-old monument to public education is one of seven in a new program that divides traditional high schools into smaller student bodies — or "schools within schools."

April 22, 2011

The United Nations will be hosting an exhibition on design solutions to improve the quality of life for the urban poor. Titled, Design for the Other 90%: CITIES, the exhibition is by Cooper-Hewitt, the Smithsonian ...

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