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May 13, 2011

The armed services aim to simulate real combat situations via virtual reality technology similar to Second Life and other computer games. img alt"" height"0" width"0" border"0" style"display:none" src" &partnerID167&keysegment"/img alt"" height"0" width"0" border"0" style"display:none" src" TechBiz .19276,cat. TechBiz .rss"/

May 12, 2011

Relatively cheap, reliable genetic tests could soon give the authorities the means to identify fish caught from unsustainable sources

At the US Initiative Livability Challenge in Indianapolis, local stakeholders discussed the importance of quality of place in attracting talent. Following the dialogue on the importance of good deisgn and nature in cities, an article in the New York Times discussed San Francisco's effort to turn "pavement into parks and public spaces." Pavement to Parks is a leader in the national movement against asphalt. Using parklets and small gardens in the sidewalks, San Francisco is tackling livability and city beauty by investing in community spaces.

NJ Transit on Wednesday will unveil its first locomotive that can operate on diesel fuel and electricity. Spokesman Dan Stessel said it's the first of its kind on any railroad in North America.

May 10, 2011

City sets out goals for 10 health issuesFaced with an array of intractable health problems that are prematurely killing Baltimore's residents, city leaders unveiled Tuesday an ambitious plan targeting HIV infection, heart disease and other serious ailments in the top 10. Above, Elneeta Jones, left, principal of Pimlico Elementary/Middle School, and Jackie Peterson, community resource manager, walk through the school's urban garden, a hoop-style greenhouse in which students learn how to grow healthful foods.

Philadelphia's water department has opened its first street made of porous pavement, which will help city streets safer by absorbing rain water.
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With American kids getting fatter, program aims to expose them to more nutritious choices

May 9, 2011

Tom Wright, Executive Director of the Regional Plan Association, traces the history of the Mayors' Institute on City Design from its creation 25 years ago to last week's conference which was attended by some of the country's most important mayors.
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California's success in using 'familial searching' spurs Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris to increase funding for the controversial genetic sleuthing technique in rape, murder and cold cases. A young man followed a woman into a coffee shop as she prepared to open for business at 6 a.m. He put a knife to her throat, sexually assaulted her, barricaded her in a walk-in refrigerator and grabbed cash from the register before vanishing.

May 8, 2011

Court appearances done by video are surging in New York and around the country, as cash-strapped communities look for ways to boost efficiency and cut costs. The tools are used in courts large and small, and the savings for some are staggering: $30 million in Pennsylvania so far, $600,000 in Georgia, and $50,000 per year in transportation costs in Ohio.

The sounds of everybody from Duke Ellington to Jelly Roll Morton to obscure surfer dudes are preserved at a Library of Congress facility in Virginia. Access is limited, but that is about to change. About an hour south of Washington, D.C., deep beneath rolling hills near the verdant Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, lies a storehouse filled with bounty.

SAN FRANCISCO — It is the urban driver's most agonizing everyday experience: the search for an empty parking place.

As soon as 2017, Vermont could become the first state to provide and pay for insurance for most of its residents under a plan passed by the Legislature Thursday. But it must first clear several significant hurdles, including persuading the federal government to allow the state to assume responsibility for Medicare and Medicaid enrollees and finding a way to pay ...

The online materials create a level playing field for agencies of all sizes and budgets, OPM's Angela Bailey says.

May 5, 2011

The USAJobsRecruit website has recruiting guidance, discussion forums, chats and blogs.

May 3, 2011

Are 'brownfield' sites the renewable power generators of tomorrow? Landfill, disused mines, redundant industrial sites and even rooftops are all starting to look like attractive locations for renewable energies generators such as solar power, wind turbines and even biomass production. All we need is the commitment from business and government to put them to good use.

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