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Listening to Ask an Expert on economic development.  Interesting discussion.  Seems like our Planning Commission (and maybe by extension the Board of Sups) is really a major road block for economic development.  Lets reform our discretionary review process!!

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The elephant in the room

 Complete and totally a disappointment.


Was the Thursday October 14 2010 installment of  "Ask and Expert" about jobs or just the mouthpiece of the land developers with yet another nauseating tale of woe .

Mr. Cohen did NOT impress me as an expert on jobs - very distant from it !

C'mon Phil !  

You can do MUCH better than the usual plather and blather of land developers with sour grapes who can't get their WalMarts, redundant office towers, condos for the mega wealthy, and just urban blight approved.   These guys want nothing but unrestricted no-rules land usage and development.

Send 'em to Los Angeles.

NOTHING.  NADA, ZIP, ZILCH about what on earth are we going to do about the twelve or so percent amongst us that are unemployed !   Even LESS about what can be done about jobs LEAVING the USA (and the San Francisco Bay Area) for cheaper and less regulated labor markets.   Not one peep about how many perfectly qualified Americans are being displaced by cheaper guest workers in what amounts to indentured servitude.

The elephant in the room is unemployment.  And until this nation and the City of San Francisco discover economic security vis a vis people holding STABLE and WELL PAYING JOBS (yanno the ones we sent to China and India) is key to national security then forget about it !  Unemployment will continue upwards and San Francisco and the entire USA will look like Mexico. 


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I've heard THAT before...

The land developers and speculators come in and promise whatever monstrosity they want to saddle us with will bring "jobs".

BALONEY !!! (Not the word I would really like to use).

It seems to me most of the development that has been going on in this city has been either luxury condos or monster homes for the uber-wealthy.  I sincerely doubt any housing built in the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard will be "affordable" unless you're a drug dealer, professional athlete, or CEO. 

Discretionary Review ?  YOU BET YOUR BOOTIE !    Without it we would probably have office towers on Twin Peaks, a WalMart in Glen Canyon, and no end of cellular towers dotting Mt. Davidson.  Not to mention gridlock the likes of what you can't begin to imagine. 

A lot of what we enjoy as parks and open space would be so overspeculated and developed to the point of where San Francisco would be nothing more than a playground for the super wealthy with a birth rate on par with The Vatican. 

I remember the days of Willie Brown and the free for all that was development South of Market.  Had it not been for the dotcomedy implosion this city would probably be pitch dark in the downtown area for all the high rises. 

When someone promises jobs start asking questions.  99.99 % of the time it's no more than a carrot in front of the horse, a lure, a ruse, and a promise emptier then AT and T  Park during the dead of winter.   


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