MUNI Musician

The late 38 Geary, the 22 Fillmore that never comes, the Clipper Card that never works – they seem less of an annoyance thanks to those fabulous Muni Musicians who help sing our Muni Blues away. We know you're probably missing your Saturday commute right now – so sing out with our first MUNI Musician.

Aloox is the first in a series of our favorite MUNI musicians. These guys and gals are really talented. If you want to recommend your favorite MUNI musician for next week, email the Reset team at

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Bernadette's picture

I love BART and MUNI musicians!

BART/MUNI musicians are definitely my favorite part of my commute! There are so many different styles of music to listen to. It's like a free (donations greatly appreciated) concert that brings a smile to my face before and after work.

They are also really friendly and fun to talk to. One guy raps while playing an acoustic guitar and loves playing at people's parties. One woman has played with Amos Lee in Philadelphia! Some are kids from all over the country just busking during their journeys.

These musicians remind me of the street performers I love watching back home at Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade. :D

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