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San Francisco to Launch Pay-by-Phone Parking

The SFpark program will allow San Francisco drivers to find parking and feed the meter through their phones. Text messages will be sent when time is about to expire, reducing the risk of getting a parking ticket. The larger goal of this experiment is to reduce traffic by adjusting the price of parking at curbside meters based on demand to even out parking availability and eliminate 'circling'. Sensors in the pavement will keep track of the parking occupancy.

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The new Parking Meters in and around Hayes Valley, the mission etc....

Cash Strapped SF has placed and additional 5,000. meters in San Francisco most of the newer ones are no where near business - particularly businesses that rely on customer Turn over for business. A good example of this would be the new parking meters along Fell Street (which was formerly no parking permit parking) where the only businesses are Auto Body and Auto repair shops - hardly businesses that would ever want or need turn over to increase business!

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