Can I add value to my Clipper Card from a BART Fare Machine?

Unlike the Clipper Card website reports, BART machines are in fact adapted to add value to Clipper Cards.

How can I check my Clipper Card value?

There are four ways to keep track of the value of your card:

Online – Visit the Clipper Card website and log in to your account

Over the Phone – Call (877) 878 – 8883

In person – Visit an Add Value Machine (AVM), a transit ticket office or at a participating retail store (like Walgreens)

What can I do if my Clipper Card is lost or stolen?

You can report your card lost or stolen by logging in to “My Clipper” on the Clipper Card website and clicking on “Report lost or stolen card." You can also call (877) 878 – 8883 or mail in a form to report your lost or stolen Clipper Card. Your card will be blocked for use and the MTA will mail you a new card within 7 – 10 days.

Can I pay my MUNI transit violation online?

Yes, you can search for and pay your MUNI transit violation online through the SFMTA website. A fee of $2.50 is applied for each transaction. Read our review of the SFMTA online parking payment process here.


What is Project 20?

Project 20 is an alternative to paying your parking ticket in San Francisco. The program is designed for San Franciscans who cannot afford to pay their parking tickets or parking violations. If you qualify for Project 20, you can complete community service hours in lieu of paying your parking ticket.

Can I use my Clipper Card on Golden Gate Transit and Ferry?

Yes, Clipper Card is accepted on all Golden Gate buses and ferry routes. Users can add money to their card and receive automatic Ride Value or Frequent Ferry Rider discounts.

Who is eligible for Project 20 in San Francisco?

If you cannot afford to pay your parking ticket or traffic violation fine and want to enroll in Project 20, you need to first find out if you qualify. The complete eligibility requirements are listed on the Project 20 website. It is up to the defendant to demonstrate his or her lack of ability to pay the parking or traffic violation fee, at which time the court will determine eligibility and the appropriate fee to pay in order to enroll in Project 20.

Is there a limit on the number of parking violations I can take care of by completing Project 20?

No, there is not a limit on the number of parking ticket violations you can take care of by completing community service hours with Project 20. However, after 10 parking violations, or $250.00 per vehicle, you are required to pay 50% of the parking ticket fines and work off the remainder in community service hours.


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What is the minimum work commitment I must serve with Project 20?

There is an eight-hour work commitment required in order to participate in Project 20. All participants are required to complete the community service assignment in a timely manner. Failure to complete your hours will result in the reinstatement of all vehicle citations back onto your vehicle.


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How can I apply for a Youth Discount Clipper Card?

You must fill out an application in person at a transit ticket agency office for a Youth Discount Clipper Card.

Bring one of the following items with you when you apply for a discount Clipper Card, as proof of eligibility:

Birth Certificate
Driver's license issued by any state
Identification card issued by any state
Alien Registration/Permanent Resident Card
Matricula Consular/Consular Identification Card
SF City ID Card

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