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Oh, politics. For many San Franciscans, politics is a love-hate relationship, and as our own Leader Pelosi says, “If you don’t fight, you can’t win.”

We need elected officials who will be advocates for those who can’t fight for themselves – who will champion policies and programs that make San Francisco better. Here at Reset San Francisco, our growing community is organizing – both online and offline – to keep our politicians accountable. And since it’s an election year, we’ll be following the local races and ballot measures. Stay turned.

Just Had To Share

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Okay – just had to share this. Very, very funny dissection of the city’s new Sit/Lie law. The Sit/Lie ordinance that passed last November has been taking some heat for …
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A Political Website Worth Sharing

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Sorry, but we just had to share this.

At Reset, we have noticed that nearly every political website in America is designed by a manic fan of fire trucks. Now …
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