We all agree that improving our public education system is a top priority. And we all know that even in tough times, we must fund our schools to the level they deserve. We agree on the principles – so when are we going to put our ideas into real action?

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Despite these tough times, our teachers, administrators and school board are making progress – but there remain sobering realities. The San Francisco School District plans to cut $113 million over the next two years – the largest cuts in SFUSD history. Class sizes are increasing and teachers are being laid off. With 43% of students dropping out in 2009, our graduation rate has been in decline for the last five years. And 12 of our schools have been named as some of our state’s worst.

We agree that investing in our local schools is the best way to ensure that our children receive the education they need to prepare them for what lies ahead – and the best way to invest in the future of San Francisco’s economy.

Will San Francisco succeed in the 21st century with an educated and well-trained workforce? Or will the children of this city fall behind in achievement and opportunity?

What are your ideas to improve San Francisco’s public education system?

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