Guarantee Universal Internet Access

As we implement Gov 2.0 strategies to make city government smarter and faster, there is a foundational principle that must be addressed – every single San Franciscan is entitled to the full service of government, not just those 80% of households with access to the Internet. Sign the petition to guarantee universal access to the Internet for every single San Franciscan.


Save GoSolarSFSave GoSolarSF

GoSolarSF has quadrupled the number of solar roofs in the city, created scores of new green jobs, and attracted nearly a dozen new solar companies to San Francisco. San Francisco is now proposing to cut funding for this incredibly successful program. Sign the petition to ask Mayor Ed Lee to save GoSolarSF.



YouTube Testimony

YouTube Testimony at City Hall

City government is lobbied by the same 1,000 people with a specific self interest. Most of us are at work or are in school during the day and can’t go to City Hall to testify at public meetings. What if you could make your voice heard by recording and submitting a YouTube video? It’s a simple, free and powerful way to open up City Hall to more voices and create a more efficient and responsive city government. Sign the petition to ask every Board and Commission, including the Board of Supervisors, to hear public testimony via YouTube.



Tear up the unfair parking ticket plan

Tear Up The Unfair Ticket Plan

City officials announced that parking control officers should write more parking tickets to close the budget gap. The parking ticket burden is already too high. The parking ticket burden is already too high: San Francisco has the highest parking ticket fines in the nation. Sign the petition to ask City Hall to tear up the unfair ticket plan.


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