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Reset San Francisco is equipped with the latest web 2.0 tools to empower you to discuss the city’s most important issues and share your ideas with other San Franciscans. We encourage you to learn how to utilize all of them.


See the wrench at the top left? Click it to reveal your toolbar. This allows you to access your profile, check your messages, log out and easily create content.


1. Create your user profile.  Choose your username, enter your email address and create a password. We strongly recommend linking your Facebook Profile.

2. “My Profile” – You can view your profile at any time by clicking “My Profile” in the red navigation menu at the top left. Click here to learn how to edit your account information, link your Facebook account, track your posts and change your profile picture.

3. Sign in – You can either sign-in by clicking here, or you can connect to Reset SF with your Facebook account with a single click of the Facebook button. To link your Facebook account, click “My Profile,” then “Edit,” and finally “Facebook.” Click the Facebook Connect icon. A window will pop-up asking for your Facebook information. Login to connect. Now you can “publish” your comments to your Facebook wall and share Reset SF content with your Facebook Friends.


Now that you’re a member of the Reset SF community, you can share your ideas by “Joining the Conversation.”

There are 9 issue pages: Transportation, Education, Better Government, Environment, Tax Reform, Neighborhoods, Public Safety, Jobs and Housing. You can access these issue pages by clicking on the names listed in the red navigation menu or by clicking on the corresponding icon found at the top of the page.

The discussion threads are the heart of Reset SF, where you can talk directly with other San Franciscans about today’s most important issues.

On each subpage, discussion thread topics are listed.

1. To “Join the Conversation,” click the red button to start your own discussion thread.
2. To explore an existing conversation, click on a listed topic’s name. Read the previous posts, scroll to the bottom and respond to the discussion.

  • Enter your title into the “Subject” field, and then type your message in the “Comment” field. Once you post, you will be notified via email when someone replies to your comment.
  • If you’ve linked your Facebook Account, you can easy publish and share your post with friends!
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