The Bay Bridge may go dark if it isn’t saved by $4 million in donations by the end of the year.

The Bay Bridge may go dark if it isn’t saved by $4 million in donations by the end of the year.

The Bay Lights, a stunning 25,000 LED art installation on the western face of the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge, will be ending its two-year run in March 2015.

The art installation was intended to be a two-year project, which commemorated the 75th anniversary of the building of the Bay Bridge in March 2013. At the time, the installation cost $8 million in private funds to install, but according to KTVU, Illuminate the Arts founder Ben Davis, says that an additional $4 million would keep the lights on for another 10 years.

The Bright Light of the Bay

The installation consists of 25,000 individual white LEDs spanned across 1.8 miles of cables. It is controlled by an offsite computer, which is designed to create a light show that features abstract patterns along the bridge’s western face, which often mimic the water of the San Francisco Bay.

The current project was only designed to be a two year installation from the start, and as a result, the system is in need of an upgrade if San Franciscans want the lights to stay on. The estimated $4 million would cover the costs of the upgrade.

Only Costs $20 to $30 a Night

The Bay Area Toll Authority and Caltrans have tentatively agreed to take over maintenance if the new upgrades are installed, according to KTVU who also quoted Bay Area Toll Authority spokesperson John Goodwin as saying “It’s really very inexpensive, it ranges anywhere from about $20 to $30 a night, even on the most expensive nights, for electricity.”

The earliest vote on a full memorandum of understanding would be in November, according to SF Gate. Caltrans and the Bay Area Toll Authority are teaming up to craft a draft memorandum, while Illuminate the Arts, is managing donations.

Help save the Bay Lights by December 31! Donations can be made here.