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San Francisco is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world, due in part to our collection of some remarkable architectural structures. This city lives and breathes architecture and design, from the Victorian Painted Ladies around Alamo Square to theTransAmerica pyramid to the super-modern De Young Museum. Each San Francisco neighborhood from the Mission to the Marina has a distinctly different architectural feel. Tourists come from all over the world to see San Francisco – yet often in our daily lives we don’t always take the time to look up.

When’s the last time that you looked up and admired the buildings, the murals or even the San Francisco skyline?

Our Reset photo series, Don’t Forget to Look Up, is aimed at highlighting some of the beautiful places in our city, so we don’t lose a sense of placeCall us tourists, call us nerds, either way, we are always amazed with what we see.

We know it’s easy to keep your head down as you’re running to catch the BART or Muni train or hanging out with your friends at a pub watching the Giants game – but trust us. Don’t forget to look up. It’s worth it.

Stay tuned for a new photo next week… and remember, Don’t Forget to Look Up!