San Francisco's Mexican Museum finds a new home in Yerba Buena Gardens for Spring 2019

San Francisco is set to be the home of yet another beautiful museum in the spring of 2019 with the opening of the new Mexican Museum. The museum is currently being re-located in downtown San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Arts District between St. Patrick’s Church and the Contemporary Jewish Museum. The museum, which is a Smithsonian Institution affiliate, will be the largest collection of Mexican and Latinx art in the nation and will showcase the soul and spirit of arts and cultures of Mexico and the Americas.

Initially founded in 1975 by San Francisco resident and artist Peter Rodriquez, the Mexican Museum was situated in the heart of the Mission District until moving to Fort Mason Center in the Marina District. Over the years the museum has garnered a collection of over 16,000 pieces, including Pre-Hispanic, Colonial, popular, modern and contemporary Mexican and Latinx, and Chicanx Art, which will be housed in the new 60,000 square foot space. A new collection donated by the family of Nelson Rockefeller will include 800 works of Mexican folk art, as well as pieces by Mexican muralist Diego Rivera and painter Miguel Covarrubias.

With such a considerable portion of California’s population identifying as Latinx, the museum will serve as an important resource for cultural education for second and third generation Latinx children as well as for non-Latinx California residents who wish to learn more about how the arts and cultures of Mexico and the Americas are fundamentally linked.

To learn more about the Museum’s mission and history as well as exhibitions and events, check out their website!