In a recent interview in Rolling Stone, Keith Olbermann said that, “Comedians are the only people paid to tell the truth in public discourse.” Fortunately, San Francisco has been incubating comedians to do just that continuously since the 1950s. Part of the new crop are local comics W. Kamau Bell and Nato Green, who, along with Janine Brito, have a national tour called Laughter Against the Machine.

Reset wrote about these truth-telling moments a few months ago – comedian Nato Green discussing what the “Sit/Lie” ordinance was all about. Since his 3-minute shtick did more to illuminate the issue than an entire campaign – we were intrigued.

And since Reset is all about making change – including in some non-traditional ways – we hope the Reset community can help these truth tellers be heard far and wide. They’re raising money right now to fund an innovative tour documentary and they have until September 9 to raise the money or they get nothing. You can donate here.

You can learn more in a recent interview Nato Green did with at or at

Instead of making comedy to cheerlead, this team is making comedy to provoke and challenge and most of all – to tell the truth. After years of successful local shows, which the SF Weekly called, “the funniest show we’ve ever seen” and the Chronicle said, “definitely touched a nerve,” they’re hitting the road.

Resetting San Francisco includes resetting how we focus on issues – and Laughter Against the Machine is doing just that. Let’s give them a hand at Kickstater.