Pride Month is officially here! San Francisco is ringing in the month of June with colors and love throughout the city.

San Francisco has been at the epicenter of the LGBT equality movement for decades. With iconic figures such as Harvey Milk woven into the city’s history, the word “pride” holds significant meaning to many who live in the Bay Area. Pride is a global movement, which aims to end all forms of discrimination against the LGBT community and promote equality without exception.

This month has significant importance in remembrance of the progress that the world has made towards equal rights for LGBT individuals. In addition to the cultural and historical significance of Pride Month, it also brings San Francisco one of its most recognizable and largely attended events in the city.


The San Francisco pride festival and parade held June 27th and 28th will fill the streets with music, colors, fun, and love! The celebration kicks off on the 27th from noon to 6 P.M in Civic Center Plaza with performances by musical acts throughout the day.

San-Francisco-Pride-FestivalThe parade begins on Sunday June 28th at 10A.M., with various domestic groups and organizations, politicians, and supporters of the LGBT community marching the parade through the city.

This festival is free to all who wish to attend and join in the celebration, except for grandstand seating along the parade route which is $40 per seat.

Donations to help the Community Partners Program are also encouraged. The Community Partners Program is a grant-giving program that donates pride proceeds to benefit non-profits, in exchange for volunteer hours from that organization at the celebration and parade.

This event is one of San Francisco’s most iconic, and truly brings the city together. We look forward to seeing you there!