The ice skating rink in San Francisco’s Union Square has reopened for the holiday season. The TODAY Show calls it “One of the Best Ice Skating Rinks in the U.S.,” and it has been an iconic tradition for many San Franciscans. This year, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department, so there is even more of a reason to check it out – if you are a regular or even if you’ve never been before.

There are a few special events coming up, including a ‘Single in the City’ skating event and ‘Drag Queens on Ice.’ And for the very brave, there will be a New Years ‘polar bear skate’ on January 1 where skaters are encouraged to don only a bathing suit and ice skates.

The rink’s opening precedes the Macy’s annual Union Square Christmas Tree Lighting on November 27 and post-Thanksgiving Black Friday rush but follows the ever-earlier holiday shopping sales, and the chillier weather that started abruptly in San Francisco in the beginning of November. The Union Square ice skating rink will remain open until January 18. Admission is $11 for adults and $7 for kids, with $6 skate rentals. Tickets can be purchased online or in person at the rink.