The folks at Public Architecture have prepared a very cool video on how a series of public art projects called “Lights on Market Street” are helping to revitalize our sometimes blighted main civic artery and shine a light on art in San Francisco.

Market Street is already undergoing a transformation that will pay significant economic and cultural dividends. With increases in bike traffic and foot traffic and a significant number of people returning to the once nearly abandoned blocks of MidMarket to work, property values will rise, sales taxes will increase and crime will fall.

It is a virtuous circle sparked by the creative energy of the San Francisco arts community. Our former Economic Development Czar Michael Cohen once wrote about How Burning Man Saved San Francisco, his own smart riff on The Rise of the Creative Class. You see these economic theories in action in this video – with public art creating long-term public benefits not only to the local artist in San Francisco but also to the community.