San Francisco loves bikes. And the city is working to make biking better and easier.

The city has met half of the goals outlined in the San Francisco Bicycle Plan (you can read it here). This bike plan will add more bike lanes and better bike infrastructure.

At Reset San Francisco, more and more San Franciscans are asking about ways to incentivize the community to get out of their cars and start using alternative transportation, so Sierra Club’s contest to win a brand new Public Bike comes at the perfect time. Public bikes are designed for riding in an urban city – whether it’s a quick ride to your neighborhood farmers’ market or ditching Muni to bike to work (because it’s probably faster).

The winner will get a bike with a fender and chain guard to keep their clothes clean as well as a rack to haul all their farmers’ market goodies.

No word on whether you get to choose which color bike frame you want… Although we at Reset would be happy to pick a bright, shiny Reset Red.

Winners will be selected by random drawing by October 31. We’ve entered the sweepstakes. Have you?