Let’s get an app for that!

Thanks to Code for America, a San Francisco-based non-profit that brings web-based solutions to city problems, residents in Philadelphia can use a Smartphone app called MuralApp to now locate public art throughout the city and select individual pieces to learn more about the artist and the history behind the work.

As much as we have brotherly (and sisterly) love for our friends in Philadelphia – what about us?

Wouldn’t it be great if this cutting-edge San Francisco-based organization brought MuralApp to San Francisco?

Let’s let them know there’s a market for this very cool app right at home! Sign the petition now: http://act.ly/3lz

People from around the world come to San Francisco to admire the incredible beauty and authentic culture of our local art community. From Jeremy Sutton’s iconic Heart sculptures in Union Square to Coosje van Bruggen’s bold Bow and Arrow sculpture on the Embarcadero – San Franciscans experience every day how art can transform an ordinary place into a poignant cultural narrative and a vivid experience.


San Francisco has truly remarkable works of art, and new masterpieces are coming alive every day. They tell a story of a people’s struggle, of our living history and encapsulate a vision for a better future. Take a stroll through Balmy Alley in the vibrant Mission District, in the industrial streets of SoMa or around the historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood to explore our rich art culture for yourself. Precita Eyes is one art group that has been painting public surfaces in San Francisco for over three decades – all at the request of the property owners themselves.

MuralApp is a perfect example of how technology and web 2.0 tools can deepen citizen engagement and connect a city with it’s living culture. Test out MuralApp here: muralapp.mobi.

Can MuralApp help San Francisco build a richer sense of community?

Code for America is looking to expand its MuralApp Philadelphia model to other cities – so let’s speak up to let them know that San Francisco should be next!

Sign our petition today to ask Code for America to build a MuralApp for San Francisco. You can tweet and spread the word here: http://act.ly/3lz.